10 typical Swiss food you have to try


Do you like to travel to foreign countries and taste their specialties? I love going to a supermarket in other countries and try out which of their product range can impress me. Unfortunately, I often let myself be influenced by the packaging and grab a wrong product that doesn't taste well. I would like to know what the secret favorite foods of the locals are, which can be bought in the supermarket. That's why I am writing this post now, if you ever visit Switzerland, then you should not leave without trying these products. The most famous Supermarkets in Switzerland are Migros and Coop, you should find all these products in those Supermarkets.

I asked my Swiss community what they like to buy and miss while they're abroad. Here are the results: 


Of course, on the top of the list are cheese, chocolate and bread, but these products can be found everywhere in Switzerland and are no secrets. Chocolate does not have to be expensive, even the cheapest Supermarket-own brands can be delicious.




Even if it sounds weird, a carbonated soft drink with 35% milk serum, it's really delicious. I can't compare the taste with another drink. I don't like the  green or yellow one. The best known varieties are "red" and "blue" and "green". Then there are always limited varieties such as rhubarb or elderflower.





Zweifel is the crisp brand in Switzerland. And in my opinion, they are the best. In addition to the originals "Paprika" and "Nature", there are countless other varieties.
My favorite varieties:

"Nature", "Paprika", "Snacketti" and "vaya Protein"




Aromat is a spice, which is very well known all over Switzerland. You can use it with a lot of different dishes, for example potatoes, pasta... There are even people who eat a simple piece of bread with butter and sprinkle Aromat over it. Fans of Aromat even take the spice with them on vacation.




This is also known abroad, but nothing comes close to the original. You can find Muesli ready to buy in different supermarkets. My favorite, from Migros, the one with berries, which I like to eat with a Weggli (bread roll). 



You can easily buy it in a pack and fry only in a frying pan. So you can cook the best rösti within 10 minutes without peeling potatoes.



Super tasty chewy sweets, of which there are many copies but only the original is the best.




A delicious swiss chocolate, which is now available in different variations.


Double Dip


A candy, which is known in Switzerland, but I do not know if it is also available abroad. You can dip the dextrose stick into 2 different sour and sweet powders. Available at the kiosk.



A gingerbread specialty with almond filling. A yummy snack. If you ever fly with the Edelweiss Air, you will get one for free.



Of course, fondue, but usually you need a rechaud, which not everybody has or you pay a lot of money to taste it in a restaurant. You can find mini Fondue's in the supermarket, that you can heat in the microwave and enjoy with the best Swiss bread.


Do you also know some typical Swiss food and which one do you like the most?

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